1080P Body Worn Camera

  • £94.99

Ideal Uses: Use for Security Guards/Police, Home Security, Dash Cam for Cyclists on the roads and even for Pet Cam! 

Wide Angle Lens - 170 degree wide angle lens, Built-In LCD- 2in screen for live video and video playback

Long Battery Life - Improved Battery with a power of 26,000 mAh insted of 18,000 mAh! Up to 7 hour when running with full functions

16GB Memory - Expandable Dual memory cards up to 48GB (2x32GB Micro SDHC cards), Klick Fast Ready- Industry standard Peter Jones Klick Fast ready out the box for easy mounting, Time & Date Stamp- Embedded time and date stamp to each recorded file.

Remote Control - Wireless compact remote to activate and deactivate the camera discreetly at a click of a button, Loop Recording.

Easy USB DATA Transfer & Weather Proof- Easy and simple data transfer and the WZ9 is IP54 weather proof rated making it ideal for use no matter the weather.



The WZ9s is the latest body camera in the WZ range featuring many new key features and advancements while keeping its small compact design. The WZ9s is the ideal companion while working on the front line or in a lone worker situation day or night. The WZ9 Camera has a wide range of new features such as built in Night Vision, HD recording with Audio, Snapshots and IP54 weatherproof rating.

As with all the Body Worn Cameras in the WZ range the WZ9s is Klick Fast compatible with products on the Klick Fast range and is supplied with a DOCK08 garment dock as standard for mounting the camera onto a jacket in vest when working out in the field. The WZ9s is also supplied with a rotating pocket clip for attaching the camera to a coat or shirt or lapel.

Why Use A Body Cam?

Our Body cam is perfect for Security Professionals (record any disputes or simply deter any possible incidents), Cyclists ( Use this as a Dashcam will riding so you have footage of any incidents that may occur) and finally Pet Cam! (simply attach this Camera to your dog or large cats collar and watch his daily routine, just like BBC's "Secret life of Cats") 

Independent studies have shown that use of body worn cameras can reduce incidents and risk by over 50%. In addition to this employee & public behavior improves along with a reduction in complaints and false accusations.

Standard cameras are likely to have video footage quality issues such as fuzzy pictures, poor quality at night or no night vision recording at all. There can also be quality issues with stability. For example, when the user is running the camera may not be secure.

Finally this model also comes with an Improved Battery with a power of 26,000 mAh insted of 18,000 mAh!

Package content:

1x Micro SD card
1x 110-240V adapter
1x USB cable
1x User Manual
1x Remote control