Camouflage Plastic Tri-Spinner (Blue Camo)

Camouflage Plastic Tri-Spinner (Blue Camo)

  • £9.00

- A good choice for killing time, helps relieve stress. Great for fidgety hands, ADHD sufferers.

- It's fun and interesting, also effective for focus and deep thought. Especially helpful to relax effectively when you are all nerves.

- It feels great to touch and it is almost silent so you won't be bothering anybody by using it.

- Mini enough to put in your pocket, have fun anytime.

- Perfect pocket carry size, suitable for both adults and kids



- Manufactured from High Quality Materials

- Great For Anxiety, Focusing, ADHD, Autism, Quitting Bad Habits, Staying Awake.

- Designed for Fidgeters by Fidgeters ! We made sure that the EDC Spinner felt satisfying, as well as provide a smooth functional spin. Giving you the satisfaction you're looking for in a Fidget EDC Spinner

- Easy To Carry, Small,Simple,Discrete and Fun,also effective for Focus and Deep Thought

- Ideal for people trying to quite nail biting, smoking, leg shaking and all type of attention disorder issues.

- Ergonomic curved shape design for hand comfort and long term usage

- It's fun and interesting, also effective for focus and deep thought..

Package Includes:

- 1 Silicon Fidget Spinner