Gopro Hero 5 Aluminum Alloy Protective Frame Housing Case Mount with Lens

  • £24.99

- Professional & Outstanding Product: Made of aluminum alloy CNC injection molded,extremely rugged and high quality build. It can prevent camera crash caused by overheating.

- 52mm Filter Mount - It can be mounted on UV lens, filter lens, polarizing lens of diameter 52mm.

- Tripod Screw Thread - There is a 1/4" Tripod Screw Thread at the bottom, compatible with any tripod.


Type:Hard Bag
Accessories Type:gopro hero 5 protective frame case aluminum alloy
Model Number:protective frame case for gopro hero 5
Item name:protective frame case lens cover

Package Contents:

1x Protective frame case for gopro hero 5
1 x lens cover
1 x 52mm UV filter