iFever Bluetooth Baby Wearable Thermometer

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Main Features:

Intelligent thermometer for convenient temperature reading for infants.

IFever Bluetooth Smart Baby Child Monitor Intelligent Wearable Safe Thermometer makes the life of a parent much easier, easy to use and painless to a child, this thermometer can save parents many headaches by solving the problem of how to take the temperature of a wriggling infant that wont stay still. While the child is wearing the device, it will continuously take measurements and send them to your phone, making it an effective way of monitoring your child through the difficulties of any illness, even raising an alarm when your childs temperature elevates to an abnormal reading. Most importantly the IFEVER monitor is comfortable made of a material that will not irritate your childs skin.

1. Accurate temperature measurement
2. Continuous data sent straight to your mobile. Closely monitor your childs temperature
3. Continuous temperature measurement
4. High temperature measuring
5. APP Function, Bluetooth 4.0, temperature curve
6. Mobile phone binding equipment, upload data cloud


Product details:
Item Type: Bluetooth Smart Baby Thermometer Monitor
Brand: Vipose
Use: Environment temperature measurement arm band baby cotton material not resist
Accuracy: ±0.1°C (37.1°C -42.5°C)
Data Collection: 24 hours of continuous temperature measurement, the first time to avoid that risk
Nursing Auxiliary: Real-time data recording, alarm when both high and low temperature
Measuring Time: 24 hours of continuous temperature measurement
Real-time Monitoring: Within 10 meters from the ultra-low-power Bluetooth 4.0
Status: Free Chaperone, the sudden high temperature remind
Power Supply: CR2032 Button Battery
Arm Girth: 14CM-19.5CM, suitable for most children aged 0-3
Color: Color random

Package Content:
1 X Bluetooth Smart Baby Thermometer Monitor
1 X Dual Manual
1 X CR2032 Button Battery