Bluetooth Speaker Docking Station with Adapter for Lightning and Micro USB

  • £42.99

- This product is a multipurpose charge stand/ Bluetooth speaker That will charge almost any device from Apple 30pin products/Lightning phones and tablets and even Micro USB Phones and Tablets.

- This speaker will charge the most devices of any docking station on the market right now!

-The audio digital amplifier adopts  2.0-channel high-power output;

-With 3.5mm LINE IN port,supports another external speaker device(Like MP3,MP4 players and line in speakers etc)

-Four functional electronic switch (audio switch, audio input selection, volume + and volume -), easy to use

Electronic parameter:

    Input voltage:DC 5V ; Input current: 2.5A      
    Output power:3W*2(RMS)
    Degree of distortion:<1%           
    Signal ratio:>80dB

How to use

1. Connect the product with iPad original power adapter via USB cable,Then connect the iPad original power adapter into AC Power.

2. Option needed plug(Like iPhone plug 30pin) load into speaker's DOCK1/DOCK2 port.iPad or iPhone be insert to sunstrate, this are charge for iPad ,iPhone.

3. When charging for iPad iPhone,Open the speaker power switch(power light is white), now could use speaker power amplifier。

4. iPad; iPhone using the audio amplifier, the inputting audio can be changed by the audio switch (with corresponding LED indicates the current input source, DOCK1 is blue light is ,DOCK2 is green light ), you can press Volume '+; -' control the volume in playing.

5. When enjoying iPad horizontal screen or insert othe audio equipment, connect the line-in cable  to the line in port of the back speaker , turn on the power switch for playing the audio (It will automatically cut off DOCK 1 & DOCK 2  when using line in port to play the audio, and the audio.


1.Do not put the product place in hot and fire place.

2.Do not squeeze or drop hard drop the product.

3.Do not use chemical agents to clean this product! For cleaning wipe gently with a damp cloth!

4.Correct use this product and proper maintenance can prolong its service life.

Package Included:

    1 x Charger Speaker
    1 x USB Adapter code
    1 x 3.5mm LINE IN cable
    1 x iPhone 30pin adapter
    1 x Lightning to USB (8Pin) adapter
    2 x Micro USB(5Pin) adapter

Connectivity List

Lightning Connector Phones

iPhone 7
iphone 7 plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iphone 6
iphone 6 plus
iphone 5s
iphone 5g
iphone 5c
iPhone SE

Lightning Connector Tablet

iPad Pro
ipad Air 2
ipad Air
ipad 4
ipad mini 4
ipad mini 3
ipad mini 2
iPad Mini 1


iPod Nano (7th Generation)
iPod Touch ( 5th and 6th Generation)

Micro 5 (USB) Phones

Samsung S7
Samsung S7 Plus
Samsung S6
Samsung S5
Samsung S4
Samsung Note 5
Samsung Note 3
Samsung Note 4
Nokia Lumia Series
Sony xperia Z Series

Micro 5 (USB) Tablets

Samsung Tab S
Samsung Tab 4
Samsung Tab 3
Samsung Tab 2
Samsung Tab E
Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire HD
Kindle fire HDX
Kindle Fire HD 10

Warning: not compatible with tablets over 190mm width (such as the ipad pro 12.9" and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 12") and all Type C devices. This dock does not come with a Type C Adapter.