iPhone 5 5G Internal Loudspeaker Ringer Buzzer Speaker Module

  • £5.99

Excellent to change your faulty spare part
Fix your faulty or Broken Earpiece Speaker & Loudspeaker Ringer Buzzer FOR iPhone 5 5G
Replace your faulty part and start using your device again
Optional tools available
No installation instruction is included in this purchase.
Please note that we can not be held liable for any damages cause while installing this item.


This earpiece speaker and loudspeaker ringer buzzer is a perfect replacement for your existing damaged, cracked, non responsive, and old earpiece and loudspeaker ringer. It helps restore your iPhone back to its perfect condition and is manufactured following the most stringent quality control and product-testing to assure perfect fit and compatibility.

Note: It is highly recommended that the replacing work will be done by a professional repairer or buyer is good recognized of assembly knowledge before purchase.