KingMa Waterproof Eva Storage Gimbal Flight Case for DJI OSMO 4K

  • £44.99

DJI OSMO Flight Case for Accessories and Camera, Lightweight and mobile.

- Heavy Duty Locking Mechanisms for extra security, protection and Waterproofing.

- Keeps your OSMO and accessories safe, protected, and organized

- Foam padding with pre-cut slots to hold your osmo in place; high-quality interior

- Durable Body Case and Carry Handle


  • Very large water and dust proofed carry case for the DJI OSMO with 4 claps and lockable via TSA Locks. Space for additional accessories such as microphones, e.g. Rohde, telescopic extension stick, batteries, filter, power supplies (min. 2), cables, small parts, memory cards, screws, car / bike adapter, suction cups, cable ties, filters and much more ... very safe to store.
  • The DJI Osmo can be stowed with the OSMO X3 Camera and the X3 Inspire Camera. In addition there are 2 compartments for a X3 box and X5 transportbox so the cameras are double secured!
  • Very spacious and closeable multiuse compartment (In large amounts of sturdy foam) that allows to store various accessories and also small items safely without them jumping around in the carry case.
  • Kingma Osmo Stand System: Allows to fix the OSMO standing in the case. This makes it possible to securely configure the DJI Osmo without any need to place it on the ground
  • Weight: 4.5 kg - Dimensions: 568 x 428 x 217 mm               

Package included:
1 x Hard Carrying Case