Lightning 8 Pin to HDMI HDTV Cable

  • £15.99

- Watch your own iPad / iPhone Pictures and Videos on a HD TV or Projector

- Connects to the iPad / iPhone Standard 8 pin Dock Connector on the bottom of your Apple Product

- HDMI Provides a HD audio and HD video connection to your TV or Projector.

- Save compared to buying an Apple TV box!

- High Speed Silver and Black 2m HDMI Cable Included.


You can connect your iPhone 5 (or newer), iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro or any iPad with Lightning Dock connector to your HD ready TV or Projector. You can then enjoy your photos, home videos you have recorded on the big screen. The only other real option is to get an Apple TV Box, but if you don't want to spend £99 on the Apple TV box, then we hope this provides a slightly more affordable solution for you.

How does this connect?

The cable connects to the small 8 pin lightning dock adapter on the bottom of your iPad / iPhone and then provides a HDMI socket and 8 Pin Lighting Socket. We include a matching white 2m High Speed HDMI Cable you connect to your TV and the Micro USB Socket is there so you can continue to provide Power / Charge your iPhone / iPad while watching it on TV.

What other cables will I need?

We include a High Speed HDMI Cable allowing this cable kit to work straight away for you. However this item also allows you to connect an 8 Pin Lightning Cable (you already have with your iPhone / iPad) to it, so you can continue to power and charge your device while using it with this kit.

What can I use it for and watch on the TV or Projector?

Well some Apps will work with the TV out function and some games too. At time of writing we know the BBC iPlayer will work and this makes it a great way to convert your TV into a BBC iPlayer device. So for others please check with the App developer if this will work before purchase. It is normally down to the content and licensing restrictions imposed on the app developers themselves. It will of course show your own photos and recorded video clips through this HDMI cable solution.

We also offer a version of this with a 15 pin VGA output, search for Wireconi on Amazon for details.

Lightning Phones

iPhone 7
iphone 7 plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iphone 6
iphone 6 plus
iphone 5s
iphone 5g
iphone 5c
iPhone SE

Lightning Tablet

iPad Pro
ipad Air 2
ipad Air
ipad 4
ipad mini 4
ipad mini 3
ipad mini 2
iPad Mini 1


iPod Nano (7th Generation)
iPod Touch ( 5th and 6th Generation)