Replacement Power/Lock Volume & Mute Button Flex Cable ON OFF For iPhone 5C

  • £9.99

This Repair part is ideal for a Audio Control and power button cable replacement repair fix. This will fix Audio control and Power Button related issues. Please research tutorials before undertaking this fix.

Replacement Internal Flex Cable with Controls for Power/Lock (on/off), Volume and Mute Switches



If your iPhone is having the following problems then this repair part should fix these issues:

Broken, damaged or unusable Flex
Top Power/Lock (on/off) Button intermittent or Not functioning Properly
Volume Keys Not functioning Properly
Mute Switch Not functioning Properly

Simply replace the power/lock Volume & Mute Button Flex cable and fix your iPhone 5C simply with this repair part. We recommend that you use an experienced iPhone Repair Technician, or if you are a novice please consult iPhone repair tutorials and Guides


Genuine High Quality Power, Volume, Mute Flex Replacement Repair Part for iPhone 5C
Condition: New
Compatibility: iPhone 5C Only

Package Contents:

1 x iPhone 5C On Off Power Button Repair parts
1 X Set of tools (Optional)